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Mobile Escape Room Party Glasgow

Mobile Escape Room Party Glasgow - What

Our Dino Escape Van is a fantastic new party experience. We come to you! Our van is fully fitted out just like any other escape room and we have a great game scenario which children absolutely love. The challenge with our  Mobile Escape Room Party Glasgow is to search for as many hidden vials of dinosaur DNA. The premise of the game is that the kids have secretly disguised themselves as workmen and gained access into a scientific lab, where scientists are working on creating real Dinosaurs. However in actual fact, they work for a large Movie Company, wanting to steal the DNA so they can create their own real Jurassic Park. Once inside the lab, the doors close and lock them inside. Mobile Escape Room Party Glasgow is awesome.  There are a network of challenges and puzzles to work through, each containing different Dinosaur DNA vials, which are used at the end as part of the password to unlock the escape route.

Mobile Escape Room Party Glasgow - Setup

Our setup for parties in generally either one group of up to 6 children for 50 minutes, or two groups of up to 6 children for 25 minutes each. We will do a small induction presentation and then get the little one's all split into teams and dressed up and ready to get started. Our Mobile Escape Room Party Glasgow is so much fun, and there is something there for everyone. Each party is catered to the age range of the party guests. We can cater from as little as three years old, and up to adult age. For little ones we concentrate on providing a sensory experience and searching for hidden DNA vials. They can collect them all and store them in their little tool box.

Mobile Escape Room Party Glasgow - Arrival

On arrival we’ll introduce ourselves to all the children and introduce them to the Mobile Escape Room Party Glasgow van,  and let them get all disguised with high viz vests and security passes. We’ll run through the game scenario and some simple rules. If it’s one group, we will open the van and the fun begins. If it’s 2 groups we will create teams and send one team back into the venue or house to warm up with some puzzles and activities, and the first group will get started. After 25-30 minutes the groups will switch over. The birthday kid can go in both times if they want (although might give second group an advantage!) Our Dino Escape Van parties can be catered towards 3 -11 years. We can also cater for older kid and adults (the van can be created for any age group and ability). For really young children we feature the party more on an sensory experience while the children search for the dinosaur DNA vials, collecting as much as they can, it’s awesome fun.
Mobile Escape Room Party Glasgow - Booking
It's easy to book, just contact our office at or call in our glasgow branch 0141-237-6164. Our Mobile Escape Room Party Glasgow really is something quite different and extremely exciting. A fantastic new escape room party concept brought straight to your door.