Animal Man Mini Zoo

Dinosaur Encounters Corporate

Standing at 8 feet tall and 14 feet in length, our T-Rex Animatronic Dinosaurs are a walking Media Magnet; the Social Media Kings. Their roar will push your event through the sound barrier, making sure that your brand message is heard. And never forgotten. What else can you have at your event that's going to be better than a real Dinosaur? Are you after amazing press coverage, or wanting to pack a punch for an event? Or get the word on the street about your service or product? Our T-Rex Dinosaurs will make your next event freaking awesome. Your boss and clients will be patting your back all day long for doing such a great job. If you love the social media scene, you’re onto something big with our T-Rex. Have us doing selfies with clients and guests beside your products or branding, or we can even brand up your own promo board to hang over the T-Rex’s neck, so your logo and brand is in every shot. Get in touch and we’ll give you some ideas for your next event.


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