Animal Man Mini Zoo


We provide fun educational workshops, to all ages no matter what their topic is. We provide one hour educational visits, or we can also provide our very popular half day and full day petting zoos. Groups can be of up to sixty children and last between 20-60 mins. The children will learn about the different types, families, and species of animals, their environments, eating and reproduction habits and have the opportunity to touch and hold lots of different creatures.
Teachers will be given a quiz for the children to do back in class and below are printable worksheets specifically designed for the Curriculum for Excellence.

Mini Zoo

Our most popular school visit is our Mini Zoo visit, which is presented by our animal handlers and is a broad overview and look at a variety of animals, reptiles, amphibians, spiders, birds and bugs.
It’s a great interactive show for all ages and involves loads of participation and hands on interaction!

Roaring Reptiles

Our Roaring Reptiles show covers topics such as The Rain Forests, Food Webs, Pets and other animals. We bring lizards, snakes, tortoises, frogs, tarantulas, bugs and creepy crawlies. See what Neilston Primary thought of the New show below. What a Fantastic way to end our Rainforest Topic. The Roaring Reptile show was such a treat and tied in perfectly with our topic. The show was spectacular from start to finish. It was fun, exciting and the delivery was pitched perfectly to a class of Primary 2 children. We all loved the comedy. The children had a chance to "get up close and personal" with the reptiles and haven't stopped talking about it. The photos we took are excellent. The show was packed full of interesting and fun facts. We want to thank you for coming to Neilston Primary School. Your performance was full of energy, passion and enthusiasm. Thanks again, Lindsey Denny from Neilston Primary School
On behalf of the pupils and staff at Troon Primary, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support during Science Week.  You had obviously put a great deal of time and hard work into preparing for education workshops and for that we are very grateful.  All of our classes, from Nursery to P3, loved meeting with your outreach worker and learning about the animals!  I will recommend Animal Man to my colleagues in other schools and look forward to working with you again in the future.   Science Week was a great success – we have received extremely positive feedback from pupils, parents and staff – thank you very much for helping to bring learning to life for the pupils. We definitely achieved our outcomes, which were to: provide opportunities for the pupils to learn about Science through active, hands-on activities and to foster a life-long interest in science. Thanks again for your help. Kind regards, Fiona Paterson


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