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Dinosaur Encounters Unique Events

What’s a unique event? In our world, it’s something cool. Something different. Something big. It's something that needs to be celebrated in style. So here’s the pitch: imagine having a magician at a wedding? Or a stripper at a 40th birthday? Or a clown at a gala day? Or a minor celeb at a charity do? Ok, now let’s replace these options with a 8 foot high and 14 foot long T-Rex Dinosaur! Doesn’t that sound lot more fun? Our Dinosaur Ranger our giant Dinosaurs will captivate everyone from babies through to grannies. When our dinosaur appears, camera phones go crazy, and Facebook, Twitter and Instagram takes a hammering from all the selfies with our Big T-Rex. Dinosaur Encounters is a fresh idea that will make your event amazing. And unforgettable.


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