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Quiz Answers

1) How many eyes does a tarantula have? 2) Where does a Bearded Dragon live in the wild? 3) Why do snakes stick their tongues out? 4) Do snakes have any bones? 5) How many legs do tarantulas have? 6) How many legs do insects have? 7) What's the longest snake in the world? 8)  What's the heaviest snake in the world? 9) How many babies can a rats have at the one time? 10) Where does a Madagascan Cockroach come from? 11)  Why do snakes shed their skin? 12) Is a snake cold or warm blooded? 13) Is a snake a reptile? 14) What's the difference between a reptile and a mammal? 15) Do snakes give birth to live young or lay eggs? 16) Do chickens fly in the sky? 17) What is an exoskeleton? 18) Where do cockroaches breath from? 19) What creature can survive a nuclear explosion? 20) Why do rats and mice have long tails? Scroll down to find all the answers and see if you have what it takes to be an Animal Ranger. Good luck!


1) usually 8, sometimes 6. 2) Australia. 3) To smell. 4) Yes. 5) 8 leg. 6) 6 legs. 7) Reticulated python. 8 ) Anaconda. 9) Approx 16. 10) Madagascar. 11) They out grow it, so it gets too small for them. 12) Cold blooded. 13) Yes. 14) Reptiles are cold blooded and Mammals are warm blooded. Also mammals feed their babies with their own milk. 15) Both. 16) No, longest recorded flight is 13 seconds. 17) A skeleton on the outside of their bodies. It protects them from predators. 18) Vents on the side of their bodies. 19) Cockroaches. 20) To climb and balance.


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