Animal Man Mini Zoo


Party InvitesWe have three great children's party options listed below. You can check out our facebook page below for all our up to date reviews and pictures.

Mini Zoo Party 60 minutes

If you want to get up close and personal with animals from all over the world, then this is the show for you. With between 10-11 animals, including; Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Mice, Rat, Snake, Lizards, Chicken, Duck, Tarantula, and Insects, it’s always a huge hit. Presented by our fun animal handlers, the show focuses on the close interaction and handling of the animals and is perfect for groups of between 10-30,(although more or less is not a problem). The parties can be catered from ages 2 yrs to 12 yrs. With suspense, stories, loads of facts, and also an animal quiz game and animal pictures, it’s going to be a party to remember. The party child always, always, gets special attention and gets to be the Animal Handlers helper for parts of the show. The party child also has the exciting chance to hold their favorite animals again at the end, and is presented with a cool certificate for bravery, and giant wall poster.
We'll come along with a fluffy rabbit, squeaky guinea pig,  slithery snake, a lizard or two, mice,  friendly rat, cheeky duck, chirpy chicken, and bugs and insects.

Extreme Animal Party 90 minutes

The Extreme Animal Party is an exciting close up look at some weird and wonderful exotic creatures from around the world, and some cute and cuddly ones too. The party can be pitched to children between the ages of 4 years and 12 years, looking for a unique party experience with the chance to touch and hold snake, lizard, spider, mice, rat, duck, chicken, rabbit, tortoise, insects and bugs.
They’ll be plenty to get your hands. We also bring along our games parachute for games in large rooms, and do some feeding time, where all the children get to feed to animals. It's the perfect party and lasts 90 minutes. 

Animal Tots Party 30 minutes

Our Animal Tots party is a perfect 30 minute animal handling experience for tots, and a great Mini Party for older children. With 6 cool creatures including a guinea pig, rabbit, snake, mouse, lizard, and creepy crawlies. The birthday child will be presented with a bravery certificate & poster. Presented by our fun animal handler in your home or hired venue, this 30 minute experience is a great add on to parties and perfect for little ones.    All parties can be held anywhere, even in your home. On nice days we often do them outside, but with our weather it's usually best to do them in a hired venue or your home. We can work in small rooms too, so don't worry if you have a smaller house. We do our best to bring all animals mentioned for each party, although we can't always 100% guarantee this, so if we can't bring one off the list we'll bring along one or two other animals in its place. The shows are not messy, so don't stress too much, and we provide Anti-Bacterial gel for every one at the end.


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