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Escape room party Glasgow - Birthday parties

We are Scotland first Mobile Escape Van. So if you're searching for Escape room party Glasgow, we can offer you a wonderful Escape room experience straight to your door. Our Mobile Escape van is based on a Dinosaur theme, where children as young as 3 years and up to the age of adults, can experience a tailored escape room party. Our Escape room party Glasgow scenario is as follows; you and your team are working under cover as maintenance engineers, but actually work for a large Movie corporation, looking to steal Dinosaur DNA from a scientific lab. However, when you sneak into the lab, the door locks behind you, and you and your team have to find as many DNA vials as possible before trying to work your way out of the room by searching for clue and passwords to open the escape hatch. Our Escape room party Glasgow is an awesome party experience, and we come to you! Our entertainer and games host will make sure that everyone has a fantastic party  and escape room experience.

Escape room party Glasgow - The concept

The concept of Escape room party Glasgow in a Van, is designed to make running a birthday party as stress free as we can for you. Our general party set up is for parties for up to 12 guests. This includes us running two 30 minutes games for each team of up to six children. Each team will be briefed on their mission, and we'll run through some do's and don'ts. Each team will spend 25 minutes in the Escape Van trying to locate as many Dinosaur DNA vials as possible. Some are easy to find and some are locked away under key and code. Can you find the passwords to crack the codes? Only time will tell. Each party that we provide can be catered towards any age group of 3 years and over. For really young parties we focus on the sensory experience and provide the opportunity for the little ones to search and find as many DNA vials as possible. With young groups we don't require codes and passwords to be used, this can be tricky for little one's. We can even cater for adult escape room experiences.

Escape room party Glasgow - Book now

It's simple to book with us if your looking for an Escape room party Glasgow. Just email the office at or get in touch via our facebook pages DINO TEAM or Animal Man's Mini Zoo. Alternatively you can call the office on 0141-237-6164.