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Escape room party Glasgow Edinburgh

We provide Central Scotland's best mobile escape room party experience, suitable for children from the ages of 5 to 12 years old. Our Escape room party Glasgow Edinburgh is a fantastic immersive escape room party experience, brought to you! Our Escape room party is featured around a Dinosaur theme. The birthday party kids are undercover movie execs, looking to infiltrate a scientific base, working on developing Dinosaur DNA to create real dinosaurs. The Movie Execs want to steal the DNA to create their own Dinosaurs to create their own large theme park and Dinosaur movies. Our Dino Escape Rooms are set in our large vans, giving us the space to provide parties for between 6-12 children or more if needed. We split the kids into teams and pit them against each other to see who can escape the van in the quickest time, with the most DNA vials. Escape room party Glasgow to Edinburgh

Escape room party Glasgow Edinburgh - Party

Our Dinosaur Escape room birthday parties are so in just now. Escape rooms have been hugely success over the last couple of years and are beginning to emerge into the mainstream as a real alternative to kids entertainment and as an option for children's birthday parties. Our Escape vans are in high demand and we're getting booked out for loads of kids birthday parties, corporate events, gala days, and schools visits. Our vans are super cool inside and provide an immersive and sensory experiences. Our Escape room party Glasgow to Edinburgh are so much fun and are an awesome party option, and give your kids the ultimate street cred amongst their friends.  

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It's super easy to book our Escape room party Glasgow to Edinburgh. Give us a call on 0141-237-6164 or get in touch via email and leave us a message and we'll get back to you asap regarding.