Animal Man Mini Zoo

Are you studying Dinosaurs in school for your class topic? Animal Man's Dinosaur Encounters can bring the class to life with Dinosaur school topic project help. We provide school dinosaur topics with the ultimate learning aid, a T-Rex, which comes to your school. Our giant T-Rex animatronic is 8 foot high, 12 foot long and operated from inside by our trained dino puppeteer, and presented by our trainer Dinosaur wrangler. Our T-Rex is called Barnie, and he's huge hit for schools and educational displays throughout Scotland. Book Dinosaur school topic project Barnie the T-Rex.

Dinosaur school topic project - Very big

Barnie is so big that we bring him to the school in a horse box. He moves just like a real dinosaur, walks, runs, roars, bllnks and eats! Dinosaur school topic project, email for more details. He's a great educational tool, and really brings the class to life. A walk into the past with Barnie takes the children through the different periods in history, explaining how old dinosaurs actually are and how we know that. Barnie is so cool I can guarantee you'll be wanting him back for more fun and education. Our class visits are amazing, as well as our full school displays.

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Barnie loves to have a go at the teachers and sometimes is a little cheeky, but he's always great fun. Barnie the T-rex travels throughout central Scotland. A school visit is usually between £180 and £200. Please email for details and exact prices. It's a great way to make it a really fun day at school, either for one class or as a school as a whole. We love to come for dinosaur projects but also loves to come for gala days, sports days, and end of term parties and rewards. Email Kevin or Kate at