Animal Man Mini Zoo

Animal Man's Mini Zoo strive to be the best that we can. We take pride in providing great children's parties throughout Scotland and have built up a great name and reputation since 2003. Although we pride ourselves on our quality, time keeping and value for money, we still have some terms and conditions to protect both customer and ourselves. We never want to leave a customer feeling let down, so please read below and please understand the terms and conditions from our point of view. 1) We never double book anyone, but on occasion circumstances beyond our control intervene to make it impossible for us to get to you on the day or at the time booked. This rarely happens, but circumstances such as major road accidents, weather conditions, car problems, family emergencies are some of the things that can effect us all. We have a network of Animal Handler's here at Animal Man, so we always try our very best to make sure you have a great party and someone is there to provide entertainment. If we can't make it at the time booked we will do our best to get there as soon as possible, If we can't make it there at all we will come back at a later date with a 40% discount. 2)When making your booking we usually ask for a 30-00 pounds deposit to be paid. This is not essential, and total payment can be made on day when agreed on. Please be aware that when you book in with us either via phone or e-mail( and we have all your party details) that is your booking confirmed even if you don't pay your deposit. We request a deposit but if you don't pay it please don't assume we are not coming. This has happened a few times in the past and we are left out of pocket as we have to pay our staff for a days work, and also loose out on another paying booking. If you don't want your party any more please  e-mail us and we'll cancel it at no cost. If you don't e-mail us to cancel and haven't paid a deposit and we come out on the day, we are entitled to charge you for our time and travel, which will be 50% of the party price. 3) Deposits are non- refundable. We take deposits to book your day and time and therefore we take no further bookings for that slot. In the event that you then cancel your party it means that we are loosing out on a potential booking, so this helps to prevent that situation and goes a little towards covering for lost revenue if you do cancel. Deposits can be transferred to another date if given 30 days notice or if we feel we can fill your slot with another booking. If we do refund your deposit, a handling fee of five pounds will be deducted to cover charges and time. 4) 99% of the time all the animals that are included in our party package will be at your party on the day. However, just like us humans, animals sometimes get ill and need to be left to recuperate. If this is the case we will replace it with something of similar value and interest. 5) Payment can be made on the day, via paypal, or bank transfer. If payment is being made on the day we will only accept cheques if the party is taking place at your home address. If you are paying on the day and your party is at a hired venue then we require cash. This prevents fraudsters, which has happened on too many occasions. We will accept cheques on the day from schools, nurseries, and other organisations. 6) If you wish to cancel your party you are required to give adequate notice, this being 30 days under the current Equity guidelines. We are within our rights to charge you the full amount of the party price if we feel we can't fill that slot. Bookings within 30 days of your event or party can be canceled within 72 hours of your booking, but after that, shall be liable to the above conditions. 7) No cancellation is valid unless given written notice by e-mail to We don't accept cancellation by phone, or text message. If there is any dispute over cancellation and you don't have the cancellation(and our confirmation of cancellation) in writing then we are within our rights to charge you the full amount of the party. 8) You as the customer will be liable to cover any parking charges. You are required to inform us of any parking restrictions and what these are. If we can't get a parking ticket to cover the full length of time for the party we may need to stop the show early. Remembering that we need 15 minutes either side of the party booking. 9) You, the customer are responsible for making sure every child/adult at the party, washes their hands adequately. You are responsible for providing suitable hand washing facilities. 10) Any disputes regarding the party must be made to the animal handler on the day and cannot be open to compensation at a later time and date. If you feel that we are not doing what you expected us to do then please stop the show and let the handler know and they will happily try and take on your comments or finish off the show there and then with an agreed price to cover what we have provided so far. In the event that you are really not happy with the way the show is going (unheard off in the past) please stop the show, confirm with the handler you are not happy and call our main office on 0141-649-7181. 11) With the nature of our business we can't 100% guarantee that an animal will not nip, bite, poo, pee, or scratch. We work with very friendly and well handled animals and do our best to minimize this risk and we are happy to say this happens very very rarely. All the animals we use are deemed non-dangerous, and most are domestic animals. 12) A booking isn't a booking until we have received the full details of the party including venue address. When we have received venue address and all other details we will then either ask you for a deposit, or agree a payment method, this is when your booking is confirmed. If you have contacted us regarding a party and provisionally booked in, and don't get back to us with all requested details, we may assume within reason that you're party is not booked, and take further bookings, especially if you had booked over 30 days ago and your party is in the immediate future, or on a busy day, where other customers are wanting to book the same time. 13) It is the customers concern and obligation to make sure no children are eating during our show. We cannot accept responsibility for children eating and touching the animals during the show. We will do our best to spot any children eating and make relevant announcements regarding this issue.