Animal Man Mini Zoo

Mobile Petting Zoo – Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee

Have you considered booking a Mobile Petting Zoo? Mobile Petting Zoo‘s are popular across the UK now, and take pride of place at local events throughout Scotland. Animal Man’s Mini Zoo are Scotland largest independent mobile petting zoo, providing petting corners, petting zoo’s, and animal handling experiences. We travel throughout Scotland, covering areas such as Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, Perth, Aberdeen, and the Scottish Borders. Our Mobile Petting Zoo will come to your event, location, school, or place of work to provide a totally unique animal experience.

mobile petting zoo

Mobile Petting Zoo – Family fun days

We provide children’s entertainment for all kinds of event. One of our most popular requests to visit is family fun days, and gala days. It’s always a winner, and we go down a treat. We come along on the day and set up in a designated are and provide a totally hands on interactive animal handling experience. Children, and Adults get a great chance to see, touch and hold animals from all over the world. Our Mobile Petting Zoo will arrive with between 14-20 animals, birds, insects and more. We have snakes, lizards, mice, rats, chickens, ducks, tortoises, spiders, frogs, toads, insects and more. When we arrive at events we are quick to draw a great crowd, and it’s something not only for the children, but for young and old. We often find some children stick about all day, and others come and go all day long.

Mobile Petting Zoo – Corporate Events

If you’re looking for some great team building within your work place, then try inviting our  petting zoo along for an afternoon of interaction. It’s not just the day that makes an impression and brings people together, but also the build up, the anticipation of what’s coming in the week leading up to our visit. Often employees have phobias, and it creates different types of tensions, which lead to bonding and team spirit. Try our Work Mini Zoo visit for a great experience within the work place.

Mobile Petting Zoo – Booking an Event

To book the mobile petting zoo please call Kevin or Kate on 0131-516-8850 or  0141-649-7181 or email