Animal Man Mini Zoo

At Animal Man’s Mini Zoo we have been providing children’s party entertainment for over 15 years. It’s something that we love doing and hope to be doing for another 15 years. We at Animal Man’s Mini Zoo provide animal themed kids birthday parties throughout Central Scotland. We provide Kids animal party Glasgow and Edinburgh and Perth, Dundee, Fife and everywhere in between. The great fact about having an Animal Handling party experience is that the children all learn loads of cool facts, and animal welfare issues, along with environmental information, all at the same time as having loads of fun.

Kids animal party Glasgow and Edinburgh

Animal Man’s Mini Zoo cater parties from tots to teenagers, so we can cover a wide range of ages. The great thing about our parties is that if you have a group of children of varying ages, then it works very well. Quite often the case with birthday parties is that a lot of family will be there, so cousins, brothers, sisters etc, so there is always going to be an age range. Our Animal Parties are probably the best solution to making sure everyone has a great time. Kids animal party Glasgow and Edinburgh. Most other types of kids party entertainment is very age specific, like karting, climbing, swimming, clowns, magicians etc. Everyone loves animals, so with an animal handling party there really is loads of options for every age group. Kids animal party Glasgow and Edinburgh. It’s a simple party to host too. You don’t need loads of room, just enough room for everyone to have a seat on floor or round the room. We’ve never been to a party where we’ve not been able to do a show because of size of room, so don’t stree. We come along on the day to your house or hire venue and bring everything we need with us. All you supply is the floor to stand on and the audience.

Kids animal party Glasgow and Edinburgh – Easy to book

It’s very simple to book for a Kids animal party Glasgow and Edinburgh and everywhere else. Email Kate or Kevin at and we’ll get right back to you.