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Are you thinking about throwing a dinosaur party for your little one? It’s a great idea and a party that is always loved. You’ll need some dinosaur party ideas then, so here we have some great ideas to make it the best party ever. First of all you’ll need to decide where to have the party. The cheapest option will obviously be in your own home, but that’s not always an option, and sometimes not a desired option. The thought of having a pack of sugar fuelled kids running around in your precious home can be frightening. So think about hiring a venue. Some venues will give you unique dinosaur ideas, and most others will leave it up to you.

Dinosaur party ideas – Hire a Dinosaur

So let’s cut to the chase first of all. Let’s bring in the trump card for dinosaur parties. Hire a dinosaur! Yes, you can actually hire a real T-rex dinosaur to come to your party, and we can do that for you. So if you’re struggling for any other Dinosaur party ideas then this can actually make the party in it’s own right. Our T-REX Dinosaur will arrive in the coolest dinosaur trailer, with a dinosaur ranger, who will bring the beast into your event to totally amaze all the children. It’s a great party piece and tops off any dinosaur birthday party. Our Dinosaur Party T-rex is 8 foot tall and 14 feet long and growls just a real dinosaur. He moves in a realistic display and plays games with the children.

Dinosaur party ideas – Other Dinosaur ideas

It’s great when thinking about Dinosaur party ideas to try an come up with some dinosaur games so the kids can join it. We often play musical dinosaurs where the kids have to dance or act like a dinosaur until the music stops. Have the kids that get put out help in capturing other dinosaurs. It’s great also to have a dinosaur cake for your party. Everyone likes cake and everyone loves dinosaur cake. Other great Dinosaur party ideas would be dinosaur table wear, dressing up as dinosaurs, and doing a dinosaur egg hunt. All great fun. For more details of our Party Dinosaur visits for your little ones Dinosaur birthday party please contact us at