Animal Man Mini Zoo

Animal Man’s Dinosaurs are available in Manchester for events, birthday parties, corporate days, product launches, and educational visits. Dinosaur Hire Manchester is available all over England, and we will travel to your venue or home to create the best Dinosaur encounters ever. Our Magnificent T-Rex’s stand 8 feet tall and 4 meters in length and are the coolest Dinosaurs ever. Our trained puppeteers  and our dinosaur rangers will create the most spectacular event. Dinosaur Hire Manchester, book now! Hire our T-Rex for your trade show, car showrooms, marketing events, birthday parties, and educational events. It’s a big impact attraction and we can also provide tailor make ad boards to hang over our dinosaurs necks, which can have your business name and logo to really put your brand in front of your audience. This is great publicity via social media by having all your guests post for selfies with our Dinosaur and your branding, all getting shared all over social media outlets. Dinosaur hire Manchester, book now on

Dinosaur Hire Manchester – Events and Parties

Our Dinosaur Hire Manchester is a available to book for birthday parties. We’ll arrive by Land Rover, and our Dinosaur trailer. The birthday kid can even get a chance to go inside and have a smell about! At our Dinosaur Birthday parties we’ll make the biggest entrance ever, and have loads of different activities to get all the party kids in the mood and having loads of great fun. With “Who can roar the Loudest” to “Who can eat the most” games, selfies, cuddles, and so much more fun. Book our Dinosaur Hire Manchester now to have the most unique birthday party in Scotland. We’re first to offer our T-Rex’s in Manchester, so get your next party or event booked up quick.

Dinosaur Hire Newcastle – Book now

It’s easy to book, just email our team at and we’ll get back to you within the day with all our party packages. Dinosaur Hire Manchester Book Now.