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Wedding entertainment Glasgow - Mobile Escape room

We provide a fantastic mobile escape room set up for weddings. It's a brand new concept that's starting to really take off for wedding party entertainment. We provide a fully immersive and engaging experience, where we can offer a handful of different experiences. We can deliver straight forward escape room experiences, or we can also offer an interactive competitive experience where we pit different teams or groups up against each other and form league table to see who does the best. We can take this a step further by interacting with your wedding guests to keep them updated on which team is doing best and create a real competitive and fun experience. Our trained staff all know how to present an engaging experience. Our Mobile escape room can be catered either for children, or for adults. We do about half and half, in respect to who we are entertaining. Often the Bride and groom want us to provide entertainment for the kids, to provide a great experience and keep them engaged and entertained. Although that's not always the chase as 50% of the time we also do our mobile escape room theme towards adults. So it's really up to you how you want to run your wedding. Wedding entertainment Glasgow is a popular key term, I hope you found us and consider us.
Wedding entertainment Glasgow

Wedding entertainment Glasgow

Wedding entertainment Glasgow - Loads of fun

If you're searching Wedding entertainment Glasgow, then you've probably came across a host of different options. It's easy to get a bit overwhelmed. We're a simple and quick solution to make your wedding go with a little extra bit of excitement. We can really ramp up your wedding atmosphere and are happy to get on the mic and interact with your audience. It's so much fun. We really love what we do, and we love helping to make your special day even more fun.

Wedding entertainment Glasgow - Book

It's so simple to book, just email or find us on facebook at Dino Team and let us know your dates and location and we'll get back to you with availability and costs.