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Rainforest Class Topic – Bring to Life

The Rainforest Class Topic is a very popular topic within Primary Schools, and very much part of the curriculum for excellence. If you’re doing a Rainforest Class Topic then you will have no doubt of been studying the biodiversity within Rainforests, and all the animals with  the Biosphere. Animal Man’s Mini Zoo provide tailored in school visits, with a wide selection of tropical lizards, snakes, frogs, arachnids, and insects. We feel it’s highly beneficial to have hands on experience of the creatures you are studying in your Rainforest Class Topic. Animal Man’s Mini Zoo have developed specific tutorials, that hit all the important points, within the Rainforest topic. We can have over ten years experience in animal workshops and travel throughout Scotland and Northern England.

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rainforest class topic

Rainforest Class Topic – In the Class

Animal Man’s Mini Zoo will come to your school to delivered great interactive hands on work shops for individual classes or large groups of up to 100 children. The Rainforest Class Topic is one of the most enjoyable, and it’s certainly an important school topic, delving into the importance and need for conservation with regards to a very important system on our planet. The rainforests only cover between 2-6% of the Earths surface, but contribute the most to oxygen production and Carbon Dioxide reduction. They are truly the lungs of the earth. With over a football size area being cut down every second, it’s very hard to imagine the negative impact this is having on our planet, health, and well being. Doing a Rainforest Class Topic encourages children to learn about the importance of this system, and increase their awareness of it’s importance, and helps educate them on decisions that may help us in the future. The Consciousness of the World is changing, and the Rainforests will only reap the rewards, but we have to educate children about caring for our environment, and having the need to protect our Largest Eco-Systems on Earth. Covering a small percentage of the planet, but housing the biggest and most varied animal, plant and insects population, this is certainly something we should all learn about.

Rainforest Class Topic – What we bring

For your Rainforest Class Topic we will bring a fantastic selection of Animals, Reptiles, and Bugs. These include snakes, amphibians, lizards, mammals, tarantulas, and insects. There will be between 14-16 different species which all tie in with your Rainforest Class Topic.

Rainforest Class Topic – To Book

We travel throughout Scotland, covering Glasgow, Dundee, Edinburgh, Perthshire, Ayrshire, Fife, Aberdeen, and the Borders. We also cover Newcastle and North England. Please e-mail: