Animal Man Mini Zoo

PETTING ZOO: Petting zoo’s are great for many different events, and we provide the best PETTING ZOO in Scotland. We travel to your venue or event and put on a great day with loads of petting zoo animals, including rabbit, guinea pig, ducks, chicken, mice, rats, snakes, lizards, spiders, and beasties. Our petting zoo will come along to you event whether you are in Dundee, Perth, Fife, Edinburgh or Glasgow. Our PETTING ZOOS are always very popular and usually one of the main attractions at Gala days and fun days. Working within a Gazebo or Marque, we set out all our friendly petting zoo animals and one or two of our animal handlers will over see and provide a great experience for children and adults.

Petting zoos: are a great addition or an event in their own right. If your looking to raise money it’s also a great way to help by asking for a donation or a small charge. The petting zoo will travel to you and we can setup and to your requirements.

PETTING ZOO’s are certainly something that you should consider when organising an event. Our staff will bring along fact sheets about all the animals, and also hand gel for the children to use after touching the animals. With 14 to 15 different animals in our petting zoo, it’s always going to be a great crowd puller.

Petting zoo: The petting zoo is not just geared towards gala days and fun days, but we can also come to nurseries and schools, and after school clubs. We’re often in Schools and NURSERIES providing great animal intercation for all the nursery children. The smiles on the kids faces when they get to see and touch some of our petting zoo animals is priceless. We’ll also give all the children a colour picture and quiz game to take home. If you want further information with regards to the petting zoo then call us on 0141-649-7181 or 0131-516-8850 or e-mail