Animal Man Mini Zoo

Mini Beasts: School Visits

Animal Man’s Mini Zoo are the largest petting zoo business in Scotland and provide a variety of different animal handling work shops, display, and presentations. One of our most popular visits, especially to schools and nurseries are our mini beasts visits. It’s one of the most popular shows and it’s great fun, and very educational. All our presentations work side by side with the curriculum of excellence, and we have work sheets designed by teachers for teachers, to compliment each presentation or work shop that we provide.

Mini Beasts: Nursery and Schools

Animal Man’s Mini Zoo will come to your school or nursery with loads of different animals. We’ll bring a long a great selection from around the world, ranging from exotics to mammals, to beasties, and amphibians. Our visits are so exciting to see and the animal handler will have all the children getting close, touching and holding.

Mini Beasts: mini beasts school visits

We visits hundreds of schools each year. We’ll bring our beasties and animals into the classroom , or we can do a larger show within a gym hall or similar. When our animal handlers come, they’ll arrive with about 12/14 different mini beasts. Each session can be catered towards the topic that you are studying. We can tie the visit in with every topic. We have giant snails, giant millipedes, frogs, toads, stick insects, crickets, locusts, grubs, and we also have mice, rats, snakes, lizards, chickens, ducks, rabbits, and guinea pigs.

Mini Beasts: Book Animal Man

If you would like a visit from Animal Man’s Mini Zoo then just get in touch to arrange a date. We cover most of Scotland and are available 7 days a week. You can contact us on or call the office on 0141-649-7181, 0131-516-8850, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Book our mini beasts show.