Animal Man Mini Zoo

Loch Lomond Shores: Loch Lomond

Animal Man’s Mini Zoo will be at Loch Lomond Shores in Balloch on the 26th July from 10am to 4pm. We’ll be stationed down beside Thorntons Cafe, and we’ll have loads of different animals, reptiles, birds and insects. It’s a great wee day out at Loch Lomond shores with plenty to do. You can also go and see the sea life centre, have lunch, visit Jenners, and take a stroll around the bay to the paddle boat. There are plenty of attractions on for the children, with rides, bouncy castles, and much more.

Loch Lomond Shores: Animal Man

The petting zoo will have loads of cool creatures like snakes, lizards, beasties, rats, bunnies, chickens, ducks, and some larger animals like a 7 foot Boa Constrictor snake, and 4 foot iguana lizards all the way from South America. Our Animal handlers will be there to assist you in your learning of the animals and you will have the chance to hold and touch the animals too. Bring along the family to Loch Lomond Shores and you’ll all get some great photographs of the animals.

Loch Lomond Shores: Mini Zoo

In our mini zoo are loads of cool and exciting different animals from around the world. Usually we have about 15 species, and most of them you can get to touch and hold. We’ll also have information sheets on the animals so you can pick up some cool facts and information about the animals. One of the animal handlers from Animal Man’s Mini Zoo will also be doing 5/10 minute presentations so you can get even more involved and get to learn even more about some exotic animals.

Loch Lomond Shores: Animal Handling

The whole theme of the petting zoo is for you guys to have a chance to hold and touch some of your favourite animals. So don’t a scared, and come along and meet all our team. It’s always a great day at Loch Lomond Shores, and the Sea life Centre at Loch Lomond is great for seeing loads of cool sea creatures. or e-mail