Animal Man Mini Zoo

Kids Party Glasgow: Animal Handling parties

Animal Man has a number of different childrens parties it can offer you. Animal Man’s Mini Zoo have been providing parties for years now and have a great deal of knowledge in the childrens entertainment business. We specialise in kids party glasgow and edinburgh. We provide Animal parties catered to all different ages ranges. We range from Toddler parties, to adult animal parties. Our kids party glasgow birthday party is one of our most popular party options. Within the mini zoo party we put on a wonderful 60 min fun packed show, with loads of animal interaction. We travel to your home or hired venue and bring along a great selection of 11/12 different animals, reptiles, birds, and bugs.

Kids party glasgow: great birthday idea

Animal party glasgow: is a great birthday party idea, and one that suits all age ranges. We’ll bring along a duck, chicken, mouse, rat, rabbit, guinea pig, snake, lizards, tarantula, bugs, and more. The birthday party child will be center of attention and will be the star of the birthday show. We’ll have snakes around necks, lizards on heads, we’ll turn the kids into living scarecrows, and perch chickens on their arms. The Animal Parties Glasgow show is packed full of fun, stories, facts, and loads on hands on animal interaction. Animal Parties Glasgow is a great option for all your birthday party needs.

KIDS PARTY GLASGOW: Reptile parties and Pirate parties

We also provide reptile parties, lizards parties, snake parties, and Captain Jack Pirate parties as well as our kids party glasgow. We also have our very desired Animal Man show which is one of Glasgow’s best parties, if not the best. . So for your next kids party or childrens event please don’t hesitate to get in touch for some more information, price, and advice. We’re always on hand to take your call or e-mail regarding any birthday party information and our. Kids party glasgow. You can check the website or you can face book Animal Man’s Mini Zoo or call 0141-649-7181. Kids party glasgow