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Animal Man Mini Zoo

Throwing a party whether is be a birthday party, leaving party, or other celebration, there are always a few keys point to consider. The first thing usually to think about is where and when you are going to have your party. There is no rule of thumb as to where or when, however most parents have to decide if they want it in their house, or pay a little extra cash to hire a hall. If you’re considering having the birthday party in the house, then think about the number of children you’re happy to have over. Think about seating for them, space for games, where are the children going to eat, and how you are going to entertain the kids, as that’s what it’s all about. Usually when we are doing home parties there are usually between eight and twelve children,although we’ve been to home parties with two children ,and thirty five children. If you decide on hiring a venue you certainly can invite a lot more children, and this is often the case if your young ones want their class at the party or you have a large family. There are loads of options for venues and you’ll be sure to get one close enough. We visit many places with our Animal Parties at Animal Man’s Mini Zoo. For an idea of places you can choose, here is a small selection; church halls, community halls, sports centre, libraries, scout and guide halls, school (some schools have halls you can hire), town halls, bowling clubs, tennis clubs, cricket clubs, football stadiums, social clubs, golf clubs, hotels, restaurants, and bars are a selection of places that we often provide Mini Zoo parties, reptiles parties, and pirate parties. Sometimes the venue will require a copy of our insurance, risk assessment, or disclosures, but these can all be e-mailed to the venue and we rarely have any problems.

Most parents will choose to have the birthday parties on the weekend, and Saturdays and Sundays are pretty much the busiest time for kids parties, however we do lots of parties after school and these are usually in homes. When you have decided on where and when you’re having your child’s birthday party you’ll need to decide on a few other important factors. You’ll need to decide how long, and we can tell you that 90% of our parties last 2 hours. The format usually fits into the following; arrival, running about for 10 minutes, an hour of entertainment, wash hands, an hour of entertainment, games, cake, party bags, and bye byes.

Some parents love to get involved and do the games themselves, and that’s good, but it’s not every ones idea of fun. And some parents do like to entertain too, but most parents will consider hiring a kids entertainer. There is a lot of choice out there for kids entertainment. You have the traditional magicians and clowns and the more current types of entertainment like pirate parties, petting zoo parties, animal parties, and games parties. If you’re considering looking for an entertainer try and do a bit of research. Consider using someone with plenty of good reviews and if possible hire a company rather than an individual as the company is always in a better position to cover your party if an entertainer is ill, or absent.

We hope this helps with a few of the choices and decisions you’ll have to make when organising a childrens birthday party. A couple of other things to consider would be what to feed the children, what to do for party bags, party games, cake, and anything else which may be particular to your chidlren and their interests.
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