Animal Man Mini Zoo

gala dayGala Day: Ideas and events

A Gala day is a big thing these days and a huge part of local communities. It’s an important time of year, and allows the community to get together to celebrate and mix. Gala’s happen throughout the year, but mostly within the months of June and July, so it’s always a busy time of year for entertainers and event management companies. When looking to put together an agenda for¬†fetes, then it’s important to book attractions that bring the people together and entice them to come along.

Gala Day: Petting Zoo

One of the major attractions at all the gala days we go to is the petting zoo. Petting Zoo’s are great for a Gala day and fete’s as they work over a broad range of ages. Children and adults all love petting zoo’s and getting to see and touch loads of cool creatures from all over the world. Usually the petting zoo is the main attraction of the day, with visitors all day long. It’s a totally interactive experience for everyone involved.

Gala Day: Animal Handling

Book our petting zoo to come to your gala or community fun day. We travel throughout Central Scotland and as far North as Aberdeen, and South to the Borders. It’s a great attraction for fun days, and local events, as it’s educational as well as loads of fun. We usually bring along about 15 different creatures on the day including rabbits, mice, guinea pigs, duck, chicken, rat, snakes, lizards, tortoise, insects and bugs. We’ll set up within a designated area and facilitate a great petting zoo experience. Children and adults at the gala day will be encouraged to hold and touch the petting zoo animals and interact. It’s all about getting up close.

Gala Day: Fun Days

So when considering your next local community event, whether it be a sports day, gala day, or local meeting, then contact for some more information.