Animal Man Mini Zoo

Friends to Animal- Brownies

Animal Man’s Mini Zoo visit Brownies throughout Scotland. We have a great history of the Scout Movement with several of our members ex and current scout and guide leaders. We are providing a fun animal visit to compliment the “Friend to Animals” badge. We’ll cover most requirements of gaining the badge, and give the girls a great understanding of a variety of different animals. For the Friend to Animals badge, we will bring along 12 different species of mammals, reptiles, birds, and insects. Throughout the visit we will cover the main points within the Friend to Animals badge, and provide a hands on interactive visit. The girls will all have the chance to see, touch, and hold some very interesting and fascinating animals, including; rabbit, guinea pig, duck, chicken, mice, rat, snake, lizards, tortoise, tarantula, and insects.

Friend to Animals – Group Visit

We will come to your Brownie evening, and provide what’s needed to cover the main part of the Friend to AnimalFriend to Animals badge. Our Animal Handler will provide an engaging one hour presentation, which focuses on learning, engaging, confidence building, and movement. Our Brownie group visits are a fantastic night, with a great badge at the end of it. It will give your girls a memorable evening, and will allow you to capture loads of great photographs too.

Friend to Animals – Brownie Visit

To book us for your Brownie evening and for a great night to complete your Friend to Animals badge, then please e-mail or call Kevin or Kate on 0141-649-7181 or 0131-516-8850.

Friend to Animals – Brownies activities

We also provide Animal Visits in the form of our Mini Zoo visit or Roaring Reptiles visit for end of year celebration or just for an event in it’s own right. We come and provide a very enjoyable visit, providing fun and memories. Get your Friend to Animals Badge!