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Animal Man Mini Zoo


On top of all the great animals that come along to each of our shows we have a few extra that can be added on at a small charge. We also provide some other extra’s that can make your party or event even more special. Have a look below and let us know if you would like to add any extra’s to your package.

6 foot Boa Constrictor…£30


Extra lizard and snake…£15

Extra rabbit and guinea pig…£15


Selection of insects including crickets, locust, giant snails and beetle grub…£20

A2 Large Animal Man Wall Poster (great for party giveaways and party bags) Includes word search, quiz, facts, colouring in … One pound each

Animal Man Bravery Party Certificates…50 pence each

30 mins extra games or animal handling…£45

Party Bags (6 pieces including: pack of crayons, puzzle game, jigsaw, note book, activity book, and stickers.) £2




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