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Animal Man Mini Zoo

Are you looking at organising a Dinosaur Themed party for your little ones next birthday? You need plenty of dinosaur party supplies, and an entertainer to keep all the little ones entertained. And to keep in theme with your dinosaur party, you’ll be wanting to book a dinosaur to come along! We can do that for you. We’ve been providing birthday party entertainment for over 15 years now and now have our own team of Real Dinosaurs. Our T-Rex dinosaurs stand 8 foot high and 14 foot in length, and make an dinosaur party exceptional. Forget about the dinosaur party supplies even, you could just have a T-rex there and the kids would love it. Although what party doesn’t have all the trimmings, so it’s essential to get your dinosaur party supplies. We don’t do that side of things at the moment, but you’ll find a local dealer nearby that can help or what we recommend is to get onto Amazon for your dinosaur party supplies. They have it all there from dinosaur cups and plate to dinosaur drinks and cakes.

Dinosaur party supplies – and dinosaur entertainment

Imagine your little ones face when we rock up at your event in our cool dinosaur trailer. Picture the scene, it’s you’re little ones birthday and up rocks the coolest Dinosaur Trailer ever. The kids go mad with excitement wondering what’s inside. Imagine their faces when our Dinosaur Ranger enters the trailer and the trailer starts rocking! Then out like a shot comes Barnie the T-Rex a real dinosaur standing 8 foot high and 14 foot in length, roaring like crazy. Of course he can always come out very calmly and cuddly too if it’s a very young crowd. Anyway, it going to be the biggest and coolest party ever. We’re first in Scotland to bring an actual Dinosaur to birthday parties. And make sure you get all your dinosaur party supplies to make it the best dinosaur party ever.

Dinosaur party supplies – Hiring a dinosaur

It’s easy to book, just call 0141-649-7181 or 0131-516-8850 or email us at and we’ll give you all the dinosaur party options. We don’t do the dinosaur party supplies, but Amazon can sort that out for you.