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Animal Man Mini Zoo

Dinosaurs are big, and we don’t just mean in size, we mean in public interest! Kids love Dinosaurs and adults are fascinated by Dinosaurs. So that’s why we have them! We provide Dinosaur Hire Rental. We love to entertain and anything that people love, we love. We’ve been established as Animal Man’s Mini Zoo for the best  party of 20 years now and are always looking for great ways to engage with the public. Developed and designed in-house, our Dinosaur encounters are an amazing way to create the event of your dreams or drive sales or brand awareness. The shear size of these guys will provide you with a real buzz and social media frenzy. Our T-Rex’s stand 8 foot high and about 14 feet in length, growl, roar,  and move just like a real Dinosaur. Are you looking for Dinosaur Hire Rental for an upcoming event? Do you need some media buzz to help launch a product or get some footfall for a store? We’re happy to drive your event within our team of Dinosaur mad parents, and advertise your events within our social media pages. From a base of 8,000 social media followers from over the last decade, we’re happy to promote your event and help it be a real success.

Dinosaur Hire Rental – Glasgow Edinburgh Newcastle

We travel throughout the UK and often find ourselves in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Newcastle, Manchester and London with our Dinosaur Hire Rental. Our T-Rex’s are firm favourites with events and promotional gigs. The T-Rex is a massive crowd puller and we’ll be sure to have everyone doing selfies with our big guys The beauty is this is that we can custom make branded neck cards/signs for our dinosaurs, so that every social media snap is promoting your business. It’s the way of the world these days that people want big impressive shots of themselves. So get us involved. It’s unique, and dynamic.

Dinosaur Hire Rental – Aberdeen Manchester London

So if you’re looking for Dinosaur Hire Rental in the UK and beyond, get in touch and we’ll let you know what we can do for you. Email