Animal Man Mini Zoo

Our Dinosaur Birthday parties are extreme! We don’t just bring along stuff that’s themed on Dinosaurs, we bring an actual T-Rex. Do you want a Dinosaur Birthday Party? If you do then you need to see and hear what we do. Our T-Rex is a Dinosaur Animatronic, operated by one of our trained puppeteers who is inside the Dinosaur. It stands approximately 8 foot tall and is so realistic your little guests will be astonished. Our Dinosaurs roar, and act just like a real T-Rex. We’re the first in Scotland to offer a T-Rex Dinosaur Birthday Party, so make some waves  and get it booked for your next party. Your kids party will be talk of the town and kids will be talking about it for weeks. If you’re looking for a really fun entertaining Dinosaur Birthday party then get in touch. We do 30 minute displays, with games and feeding time, and we can do longer parties of an hour with walkabouts, photo’s for everyone, feeding, games, and plenty of frights and laughs.

Dinosaur Birthday Party – Experienced

We’ve been providing birthday parties for nearly 15 years at Animal Man’s Mini Zoo and have grown every year, and now offer our unique Dinosaur Birthday Party which is truly amazing. We’ll rock up to your home or event in our Land Rover with our Dinosaur in Tow in his very own Horse Box come Dinosaur Trailer. It’s so very exciting and so much fun for everyone. We’ll promise to make everyone laugh, smile, and a little bit scared too, but all in good fun!

Dinosaur Birthday Party – Book a Party

It’s so easy to book. All we require is a £30 deposit and the full venue or home address details and your little ones name and age and then we’re ready to entertain. Email Kate or Kevin at or call any of our branches on the website for your next Dinosaur Birthday Party.