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Animal Man Mini Zoo

Clowns have always been a traditional option when it comes to kids birthday parties, but are they too outdated or are they just as fun now as they ever were? In our opinion it’s all about who you book. We’ve seen some great clowns and we’ve seen some very poor clowns, but I dare say that’s the same with ever industry. Infact, Animal Man’s Mini Zoo was built on the back of a career as a clown. I started children’s entertainment as a kind of weird and crazy cross between a clown and magician, then throw animals into the mix. Mr Pickles the clown entertained throughout Glasgow and further afield for two years before turning his hands or a solely animal themed show. It was all a matter of progression and evolution. The clown parties were great, but I realised that it was very age restrictive and young kids were often scared of me and old kids were too cool for Mr Pickles, but I realised that every time one of the animal came out the children were captivated. We used animals in some of the tricks and magic, and Jessica rabbit and Stewart the mouse became very popular. We soon added Samantha the Guinea pig and Hoolio the Spider and then the moment came when me and my wife realised am Animal party was a great idea. So there is began, Animal Man’s Mini Zoo. So in this day and age are clowns still as popular? I think there are so many options now that it’s hard to say they are, but I do believe that the ones working are a lot better than the ones of old, but that’s just our opinion. Anyway, clown or no clown, magician or no magician, I hope you have a look at what we do and have a great party no matter what. E-mail Kevin or Kate at for more details.