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childrens party dundee: Party Games

When organising childrens party dundee, you’ll need to consider party games to play at your party. Obviously it’ll depend on the venue, but most parties include a game or two at least. At Animal Man’s Mini Zoo we provide an extra 30 minutes of party games as an addition to any party. Although if you fancy doing the party games yourself, then we’ve listed a few below to help you out. We do childrens party dundee.

childrens party dundee: The Floating feather

Any number of children can play this between the ages of 5-8. What you need- a number of feathers. The players start by standing in a small circle and the feather is dropped from above into the centre. In this party games the children have to keep the feather from landing on the floor by blowing it as hard as they can to keep it floating. When the feather eventually lands on the floor the party games is over. The game can be played with as much  fun by older children using a balloon. childrens party dundee.

childrens party dundee: Cat and Mouse

Number: any equal number: age 7-10. time- at least four rounds.The players form three of four parallel lines of equal numbers, after two have been chosen as cat and mouse. The players in the lines form arches by raising their arms and holding hands with the players standing next to them. At the signal (by parent), the muse starts dodging between the arches and down the rows with the cat in hot pursuit. On the order to change, the players in the lines turn to their left through a quarter of a circle and form new arches with the players now standing next to them. childrens party dundee. The lines need to change position very quickly when the command is given. this is meant ot confuse the cat in its pursuit of the mouse. The game continues in this way until the mouse is caught. then two more players become cat and mouse and the game continues for another round. This is one of our favourites. We do childrens party dundee.

Childrens party edinburgh: Squeak, Piggy, Squeak

Number: 6 or more. Age 5 and upwards. Time 10 minutes or more. Adult supervision- turning round blindfolded player and making sure he or she doesn’t fall during the game. One player is blindfolded and stands in the middle of the room. The others sit round in a circle, cross legged. Spin the blindfolded player three times. childrens party dundee. He or she must then walk to the edge of the circle and when one of the seated players is reached, the blindfolded player must sit in the player’s lap and say “Squeak, piggy, squeak”.The player now squeaks, disguising his or her voice as much as possible to prevent the blindfolded player from guessing who it is. If the guess is correct the players change places. If not, the blindfolded player is lead back to the centre of the circle to have another go. childrens party dundee. This  is another of our most popular party games. Party games always add excitement and fun to all children’s parties, so make sure you find a few party games and play them at your kids birthday party. childrens party dundee.

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