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children’s entertainer Glasgowchildren’s entertainer Glasgow




When it comes to organising a children’s birthday party there are a few key points to consider. Firstly, you will have to decide if you want to do the entertaining yourself, which can be daunting, or you might want to get a children’s entertainer Glasgow, into take the stress away from you. When hiring a children’s entertainer Glasgow, you want to consider some things before you decide on who to book. There are a number of children’s entertainer Glasgow, but you want to sort out who is good and who is reliable to the people that are only in it for the short term and don’t have much experience. It’s seems to be an industry which is hard to become established. There are a few really great children’s entertainer Glasgow, and a fair few children’s entertainer Glasgow that just don’t stand up to the name. Three key points to consider when booking a  birthday party entertainer are: 1) Make sure you have heard of them the children’s entertainer Glasgow through word of mouth or can establish from reviews and testimonials that they are actually a decent entertainer. 2) Check and see the children’s entertainer Glasgow have all the right documents, like public liability insurance, risk assessment, and are fully disclosed. 3) Establish if they are a one man band, or if they have staff. This last point isn’t always an indication to the standard of entertainer, but it does give you reassurance in the event of the entertainer being sick, or having family or car troubles, all problems which do arise.




Secondly you want to decide where you are going to do your party. Do you want to host it in your home, or hire a venue? There are plus and minuses to both options. Obviously there is the cost, which can be a key factor when hosting a party, as there are a number of outlays, hall hire being one. If you have sorted your children’s entertainer Glasgow, you will probably be expecting to pay about £100-£200 for them, this is the going rate and anywhere in between. Some party entertainers will charge more depending on what they are offering. I would recommend if the cost of the entertainer is lower than £100 then you have to question if it’s the right entertainer. If you decide on hiring a hall, then you can be talking of another £30-£80 for hall hire. Most community halls are about £40 for a two hour slot. Most parties will last 2 hours, but it’s entirely up to you. As a parent myself, and as a children’s entertainer Glasgow, I have had a unique look at parties from both ends. Providing entertain for a party is easy for us. Children’s entertainer Glasgow.We come in and do our show then we’re off again, Easy! But if your a parent, then it’s a whole different ball game and one I discovered a few years ago when hosting our first birthday party for our two year old son (now Five). Being a parent and hosting a party, you are literally a host. Don’t think you’ll have much time to sit about chatting or relaxing, it’s Stressful! You have the responsibility to look after the other children in your care, and have the obligation to make sure they all have a great time. Children’s entertainer Glasgow. You have the tasks of making the food, serving the food, cleaning up the food, cleaning up juice spills (always!!), you have to make sure children get to the toilet, wash their hands. You need to play and oversee games, picking winners, and dealing with losers. You need  to manage presents and cards, and you also need to meet and greet your guests, and provide teas and coffees. It’s an ongoing list. So please remember it’s not easy. children’s entertainer glasgow. The only rest you will get is if you hire a children’s entertainer Glasgow, and his enable you at least some down time with having to deal with children, and it free’s up some time to make food, tidy up etc, while the children’s entertainer Glasgow keeps the children busy.


children’s entertainer Glasgow – Parties in Home


Thirdly if you are hosting the party in the house then you’ll have to answer some key questions. Which type of children’s entertainer Glasgow can you hire? Obviously you can’t fit a bouncy castle in your home, well most people can’t. With our weather then it’s very hit and miss if you want to have one n the garden.children’s entertainer Glasgow. You’ll need to consider who you are going to invite. You’ll be more limited in a house rather than a hall, so you may only be able to invite a subsection of friends, for example, the boys from his class, or the girls from her nursery, or just close friends and relatives. Anyway, you have to consider that, or you’ll have a house full of children and no room to move. Hire a children’s entertainer Glasgow that can easily provide a party in your home even if it’s a small space. Animal Man’s Mini Zoo can do that for you. We work in small flats to large manor homes, and our shows are always great. Our children’s entertainer Glasgow will arrive with plenty of time and get set up to provide a great party experience for all the children. On a final note, relax, breathe, and try and enjoy the day. Children have fun anywhere and half the fun is about being in a new environment and being with friends, so don’t stress too much. E-mail or Call Kevin or Kate on 0141-649-7181 for children’s entertainer Glasgow or anywhere else.