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Children’s Birthday Party- Glasgow Edinburgh Fife

Animal Man’s Mini Zoo cater for birthday parties from 3 years and above. We travel through out most of Scotland providing hands on, interactive animal handling experiences for a Children’s birthday party. If you are thinking of booking some entertainment or kids entertainer for a Children’s birthday party, then you have to consider a few points. Firstly, are they local? It’s always good to book someone local to your area for your Children’s Birthday Party, so they are aware of the geographical position of your location. It’s allows them to plan their journey, and be more aware of any traffic hot spots etc. Finding someone local for a Children’s birthday party also allows you to search for good current local reviews, giving you peace of mind that you have booked someone with good credentials. Secondly, it’s important to book a company rather than a one man band. Although one man bands are often good at what they do, they don’t often have back up in the event that they may be ill, have car problems, or family issues. Having a company do your Children’s birthday party gives you the confidence that there is always backup in the event that the entertainer has any problems. Thirdly, you want to compare prices of entertainers for the Children’s Birthday Party. Don’t just dive in and go for the cheapest. Often the cheaper options are new to the industry and therefore don’t have the experience. It’s also possible that the time your Children’s birthday party comes around they maybe not in business any more, or juggling different jobs. We often have people calling us on the day of their Children’s birthday party desperate for us to come along on the day as their entertainer has just called them to say they won’t make it. It’s a good chance they had already called us to enquire, but decided to go with someone a bit cheaper. We have the man power to usually help out at your Children’s Birthday Party, but not always are we’re busy ourselves. Go for an establish entertainer that has history, and good reviews to back them up.

Children's Birthday Party




When deciding on a kids party, you’ll also have to decide where to hold the Children’s birthday party. Usually if you’re booking an entertainer you will have two options. You can book a hall for you Children’s birthday party, or you can have it in the house. There is no real rule to this, it often comes down to expense, or availability. Having a party in the home is great fun, and often is less stressful with regards to having food ready, and set up. If you hire a hall, you usually only have a set time slot, and this often makes it a rushed job, to get everything in, set up, food made, and doing all the activities. Whereas, having a Children’s Birthday Party in the house is often more allowing for time overlaps, and extended activities. A Children’s birthday party in the house lends itself to a more relaxing time for everyone, and often means that the party can tail on a bit, and parents get to mingle and chat more, over a tea or coffee.

Children’s birthday party – Aberdeen Dundee Perth

So having established where the Children’s birthday party is to be held, you have to decide who is coming. Do you invite only boys, or only girls? Do you invite their class friends? Do you invite your friends and their children? You have to draw the line somewhere and only you can decide this. Having the party in a hall often means you can invite more children, but check with the entertainer, as a lot of entertainers will charge extra per head. Animal Man’s Mini Zoo charge a set charge for our Children’s Birthday Party, so you know what you’re paying from the start. So if you’re thinking of organizing a Children’s birthday party, then please e-mail us at and we’ll send you details and prices of parties in your area. The best Children’s Birthday Party ever!