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Animal Man Mini Zoo

Thanks for contacting us at Anima Man’s Mini Zoo. We do loads of mini beast visits throughout Scotland, and they are always a huge success. We have loads of creatures from all over the world. One of our animal handlers will come to you and provide a one hour handling session. They will present all the mini beasts to the children in a fun and friendly manner, and also talk about their species, habitats, diets etc. For younger children we will focus more on movements and sounds and make sure all the children can see the animals in action. We can cater for all age groups. Below is a list of the mini beasts that will come along on the day.

1) Chilean Rose tarantula
2) Salmon Pink Goliath bird eating tarantula (one of the biggest spiders in the world)
3) Crickets
4) Locusts
5) Frogs
6) Toads
7) Giant African land snails
8) Preying mantis
9) Emperior Scorpion
10) Malaysian Forrest Scorpion
11) Beetle grubs
12) Corn snake
13) Milk snake
14) Gecko
15) Tortoise

We also do the mini zoo visit which incorporates big animals. It’s a one hour visit and is presented by one of our experience animal handlers as above. The animals in the mini zoo visit include.

1) Rabbit
2) Guinea Pig
3) Duck
4) Chicken/Roaster
5) Mice
6) Rat
7) Snake
8) Bearded dragon
9) Tarantula
10) Cockroaches
11) Tortoise

Both shows are one hour in duration and are 120 pounds each, which is payable on the day. All insurances and disclosures can be seen if required. We also provide anti-bacterial hand gel at the end of the show and also leave each child with an A4 colour animal picture sheet, and an A4 animal quiz game. Our shows are always a huge success and you can see testimonials from parents, schools, and nurseries on our website or face book: Animal Man’s Mini Zoo.