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Animal Friend Activity Badge – Beaver Scouts

Here at Animal Man’s Mini Zoo we take pride in providing great Animal Handling experiences, and especially for Scout groups. With 20 years experience in the Scout Movement myself, it’s a combination of two of my big interests, Animals, and Scouting. Animal Man’s Mini Zoo travel throughout Scotland, visiting many groups, including beavers, cubs, scouts, brownies, and guides. We have tailored our show to cover most of the needs for the different badges for the different sections within the Scout movement. Our Animal Friend Activity Badge is a great night for everyone.

Animal Friend Activity Badge – Animal Visit

It’s our aim not only to cover most aspects of the Animal Friend Activity badge, but to also entertain, and provide a memorable experience for young and old.  We will bring a long a great section of animals including; mammals, reptiles, birds, and insects. Our animal handler will provide a one hour animal handling experience. We will have a snake, lizard, duck, chicken, rabbit, guinea pig, tortoise, rat, mouse, tarantula, and insects. We engage the children with stories, facts, and fun, and encourage them to hold and touch the animals. For the Animal Friend Activity badge we’ll have snakes around necks, chickens perched on arms, bugs on heads and lots lots more. We have animals from all over the world, and they are all very friendly. We also encourage the leaders to take part too, so don’t be too scared!

Animal Friend Activity Badge

Animal Friend Activity Badge

Animal Friend Activity Badge- Book Now

It’s easy to book. All we need is the full address details, the time of your event, and contact details. We take full payment on the day. If you would like to book or further information regarding our Animal Friend Activity Badge then please e-mail or call Kate or Kevin on 0141-649-718 or 0131-516-8850. It’s as easy as that.