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Animal Birthday Party frog on grass close up quackers on grass tarantula on grass 2 white pic argentine frog

Animal Birthday Party- Booking a party

Booking a children’s party isn’t an easy thing to do, it’s a lot harder than most people think. There are a few key point to consider when booking a kids birthday party. We  do an Animal Birthday Party, but there are loads of other options to consider. The first thing really to consider is the date and venue. If you are doing a children’s party in your own home then you’ll be more flexible with times and dates, but if you’re considering a venue then you may be restricted with dates and time depending on their availability. Animal Birthday Party. Both options for a venue come with their own positives and negatives. If you’re on a budget, and have the option of doing it at home, then obviously this is going to save some pennies. Animal Birthday Party. Venues often charge between £20 and £80 depending where and when. Some places may offer the full package from food, to venue, to entertainment, and this is going to be more that £100, and probably closer to £200.

Animal Birthday Party – Home birthday party

Doing the party at home means you can invite people for as long as you want and not have to worry about being tidied up and out of the venue by a set time. Animal Birthday Party. It also means that you can prepare food and already have it hot and ready to serve. Having it in a hall often means a lot of food preparation and missing out on seeing guests and the children enjoying themselves. Animal Birthday Party. It’s often less stressful for a child to have a birthday party at their home as they are familiar with all the surroundings and have confidence in their own environment. Kids can get overwhelmed on their birthdays, we’ve seen it over and over, when the birthday child ends up not well because of all the excitement and attention. Animal Birthday Party.

Animal Birthday Party – Book Animal Man

Either way, if you’re hosting the party in your home or in a venue you are going to need some great entertainment. It’s always good to book a well known entertainer, and even better to book a company rather than a one man band. One person businesses can and are often great, as they take great pride in their work, but you have the danger of that one person being unwell, having car problems, or family issues. Booking a well established business means you have the confidence they will have backup if the entertainer is ill or not able to get to work for any reason. Animal Man’s Mini Zoo have many years experience, and have a great team of party hosts and animal handlers. We will provide an Animal Birthday Party to remember. Our Animal Birthday Party is a great party entertainment solution. With loads of really animals, including mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and insects, it a great show for you and old. To book an Animal Birthday Party, e-mail Kevin or Kate at