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Animal Man Mini Zoo

We were up in Dundee this weekend with our great animal party for adults. It’s a bit different from the usual strippers and kissograms ect. We bring along loads of interesting animals and reptiles and put on an animal handling session for all the adults to get involved in. It’s a great show, and beats the normal routes on adult entertainment in Glasgow, Dundee, and Edinburgh. We’re there for an hour, so it’s a lot longer than the typical lap dance or stripper in Glasgow or Edinburgh. The party adult has certain animal challenges where they have to hold different types of animal species on different parts of their body, e.g. head, face, arms, knees, back etc. E-mail for more information.

ADULT PARTIES AND ENTERTAINENT: It’s doesn’t always have to be the typical old school STRIPPER or Kissogram. Hire ANIMAL MAN for a great alternative to 18th birthday parties, 21st BIRTHDAY PARTY, 30th Birthday party entertainment, of even 40th birthdays, and 50th birthdays. We do it all. Just get in touch for more information.