Animal Man Mini Zoo

1st Holy Communion : Kids entertainment

It’s coming to that time of year again, where people are starting to make plans for their big day next year. May is always the most popular month for 1st Holy Communion and we provide the children’s entertainment for a large number of 1st Holy Communion during this spell. It’s an important occasion when your child takes their 1st Holy Communion, and it’s a big day, usually with lots of celebration. When thinking about your celebrations, it’s often advisable to think about how and what you are going to entertain the children. It can be a long day for the children, so having an hour or so of entertainment can break it up, and make the day much more enjoyable.


1st Holy Communion: Entertainment

There are a variety of different options for your entertainment. Bouncy castles are always a popular choice, as well as magicians. However, an Animal Entertainer such as ourselves is becoming popular, but still new and exciting. An Animal party for your 1st Holy Communion is the new thing, and it provides great entertainment for the adults too, who all like to get involved and hold some of our cool creatures. Our Animal handling parties work great across a broad spectrum of ages, compared to other entertainments which can leave some children feeling left out.

1st Holy Communion: Airdire, Coatbridge

Our 1st Holy Communion seem to centre around specific geographical locations, so we know most of the locations for 1st Holy Communion and have been in most of them, so there is generally no problems with us coming along. It’s important to book a reliable company for your day. We aren’t a one man business, so we always have a backup plan, with an extra member of staff on stand by in the rare event of someone sick or a breaks down. We are a well established family business, built on testimonials from previous happy customers. It’ a great experience for all.

1st Holy Communion: Animal Man

On the day we bring along loads of animals including mammals, snakes, lizards, birds and bugs. It’s a great show, loads of hands on interaction, and always great fun, with plenty of opportunity for fantastic photographs. You can booked us for anor or your have the option of adding on an extra 30 minutes for games or extra animal handling. We also some some cool, bigger, and scarier animals to add on if required. Call 0141-649-7181 or email for more details.